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By Region 5, 05/24/21, 4:30PM EDT


We are very excited to announce the Junior Olympic 2021 Region 5 All Star team.

Congratulations to the athletes, coaches, and parents for this prestigious achievement.  Making the top 12 JO spots is quite an accomplishment especially in our highly talented region. 

On behalf of the Region 5 Committee, we want to congratulate all of you for an outstanding national championships competition.  You have shown strength, power and grace with confidence and represented Region 5 FEARLESSLY!  

This year we are hoping to plan an international experience.  However, IF we are not able to travel out of the country due to other country restrictions, we will look at other possible options.  We are looking to travel in October.  We will have more details soon. 

Click here to see the members of the 2021 REGION 5 ALL STAR TEAM!!!